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TLL | Fishing

Torrey Lake Outfitters are privileged to have the Missouri River right in our backyard.  The majestic Missouri is noted as one of the best Walleye fisheries in the world, with action nearly all year long.  Not to mention the amazing scenery it provides while fishing!


Depending on the area of the river and the time of year, it's not uncommoon to see a variety of wildlife from the boats.  We have trophy Whitetail and Mule Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, Bald Eagles, and many other species, native of South Dakota, for the viewing.


The river system has many key elements that contribute to successful Walleye fishing trips.  South Dakota has a series of hydro-electric dams that Walleye love to inhabit.  It gives the experienced angler an opportunity to locate and catch Walleyes at almost any time of year or weather condition.


In our waters you can find large "flats" and "shallows," where Walleye roam and feed.  We also have several underwater tree systems, as a result of flooding when the dams were constructed, that create fantastic structure.  Steep drop-offs and banks are a result of the strong currents created when the hydro-electric facilities release water in order to generate electricity.  There are several areas of rock banks and rip rap created to help the Walleye spawn that create fantastic fishing at certain times of the year and help us maintain the fantastic fishing for years to come.


With the wide variety of places that the Missouri River Walleye have to roam, our Torrey Lake anglers possesses the unique opportunity to harvest them in many different and exciting ways.  It is not uncommon to catch your limit using a completely different fishing technique from day to day.  Whether pitching a jig or cank-bait, trolling with a variety of live baits, or using a lead core line to get deep where the fish are, you will surely have a great time chasing and catching Walleye!

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